Our Vision                             

We believe that one of the most important and basic industries for the human experience is the food industry. We take great joy and feel honored to be be active participants in it, and  stove to be agents of  change to improvement and enhancement.   We are innovative, knowledgeable and independent generalists with the ability to transcend traditional boundaries; in so doing, we make use of our knowledge of science and technology and pursue knowledge and innovative technologies we come to believe can be instrumental to deliver unique, long range critical business benefits to our factory principals, their customers and the end users that their products and systems serve.  We endeavor to  be a company of quality, principled people with positive customer service attitudes, who are eager to learn and willing to take the initiative to enable us to responsibly and profitably represent our manufacturers' interests in our industry.

Our History

JOHNSON COMMERCIAL AGENTS (JCA) is the dba for the Warren E. Johnson Company, which was founded under the sole proprietorship of Warren Johnson (the father of the present CEO and President) in 1959, and incorporated in 1968.  Warren concentrated on his role as a territorial independent factory agent in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the Western counties of Wisconsin, specializing in heavy specification type equipment due to his background with Honeywell.  The present CEO, Tom Johnson, worked for Moore Business Forms as a sales manager until 1981 when he joined his father  and made the company a family business.  In 1993 Tom--then sole owner hired--hired his brother,  Paul Johnson, an Electrical Engineer and principal scientist at Medtronic.  

Since then, JCA has grown to represent leading national and international corporations. We challenge ourselves by specializing in some of the most complex and problematic segments of the industry, including: health care, corrections, casinos, hotels, multi-unit restaurants, schools and college and university food service, food manufacturing, and retail food service processes. We are HACCP and HARPC food safety technology professionals and PRP developers and integrators with great depth in food equipment and related systems design and food equipment process optimizations.   Our equipment process expertise includes cook-chill, sous vide, vacpac, pasteurization, blast chill and shock freeze, cooking and reheating, hot and cold holding, thawing, commercial kitchen ventilation and fire suppression, time/temperature monitoring and HACCP type logging/documentation, HVAC, water systems, electro-chemistry, warming and serving equipment, vacuum packaging, utility distribution, fire suppression, ventilation and HVAC, energy recovery, water purification, treatment, filtration, serving lines, tray and meal delivery systems and a few more things too.l  We excel in bringing our long experience, knowledge and relationships in the field together with our passion for a safer, healthier food service experience and environment. Our manufacturers recognize this, which is why our average tenure with the companies we represent is (16) years, with some contracts dating back to our founding in 1959.